Who we are?

Love yourself more and be on cloud nine!

Cloud Nine Beauty is a fresh and trendy on/offline beauty retailer. We aim to become an authorized distributor of skincare brands and import high-quality, clean, and sustainable cosmetics at an affordable price to Mongolian consumers.

The term “CLOUD NINE” refers to extreme happiness or satisfaction with life. Naming our business with this phrase, we are focused on educating, empowering, supporting young Mongolians to love and embrace themselves and feel stronger and more confident.

Cloud Nine Beauty is established by skincare enthusiasts who have an extensive background working in the beauty and personal care industries. Prior to embarking on this new adventure to bring the authentic and trustworthy beauty experience to Mongolian customers, co-founders have worked as a business development manager at Mongolia’s biggest beauty and personal care distribution group.

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Experienced in the Mongolian Cosmetic market       

Our Co-founders have worked as a business development manager in Mongolia’s biggest importing group which exclusively distributes more than 30 personal care brands, so we are confident that we can steadily grow in the Mongolian cosmetic market with our knowledge and expertise.

Strong connection with Chain stores

We have an extensive connection with many distribution channels both offline and online. We have already made a contract with few regional offline chains for product distribution in 2021.

Educational Contents & Excellent review

Since our business has started, we have been the only beauty retailer which focuses more on educational content about skincare and we were able to reach over 20K followers on our Instagram and Facebook with zero marketing expense. Our review is 5 out of 5 on our Facebook.